Crown Health was born from the idea that lives can be positively transformed by serving vulnerable patients in the comfort of their home environment.

Traci Mancuso, Family Nurse Practitioner, wound care expert and Washington State University graduate founded Crown Health in 2013. The idea dates back to 2004 when Traci started her first mobile clinic in Spokane, WA. Prior to starting these mobile primary care practices, Traci’s background was in emergency medicine. In 2004, while working in the emergency department for a Spokane hospital, Traci noted several vulnerable patients who habitually utilized the ER for things that could be treated at home.

Not only did Traci recognize that these return trips were disjointed and incohesive for patients, she also felt it was a poor approach to healthcare delivery. Traci decided to submerse herself in the community and bring primary care services to vulnerable populations in Adult Family homes, Assisted Living Communities and individual homes. Traci packed a bag and headed out to meet patients on their own turf.

One patient quickly turned into two and two to four and before she new it there were hundreds of patients signing up to be on service. At that time, the landscape and professional climate for this approach to medicine was not favored and she was met with ambivalence and hesitation from other practitioners in the community.

When Traci was met with a head-wind she would forge ahead. With the growing number of baby-boomers and homebound Medicare patients, she knew that this was a much needed service for the community. Traci dove in with a zest for serving that quickly yielded positive outcomes for patients in this demographic. Opponents quickly became proponents and changed their opinion after seeing these positive outcomes.

Better access to care and issuance of preventative medicine equated to less trips to the ER. The clinic grew quickly and Traci had to staff up. Traci hired retired surgeon Dr. Helen Schmidt MD to help serve patients and a handful of other ancillary staff, it was a preview of what was to come with Crown Health. Dr. Schmidt served as a missionary surgeon in Cameroon, Africa for over 34 years prior to retiring and joining Traci‘s efforts to serve the vulnerable populations in Spokane.

In 2008, after four years of building a successful mobile primary care practice, Traci sold the practice to the second largest Home Health company in Spokane called Family Homecare which was later bought by Gentiva Health Service (Kindred Healthcare) and is still going today. Fast forward 5 years, upon returning to Seattle after living in New York for several years, Traci started work with a competitor company. Her passion reignited for this type of service delivery, and that’s what drove the inception of Crown Health.

Three hundred patients followed Traci from the previous practice with little prompting and Crown Health continued to grow. Traci quickly realized she needed to hire other mission minded practitioners. She found that quality in Laura Uhlmansiek Geriatric/Adult Nurse Practitioner and quickly brought her on in late 2013. With the addition of Laura, capacity for being able to serve more patients quickly grew. Traci realized she also needed an administrative director who could manage the office side and brought on Rachael Breeden, Director of Operations in January of 2015. Many more amazing Nurse Practitioners, Medical Assistants and Ancillary staff who share the Crown Health vision were hired and are assisting daily to drive, build and refine our compassionate care delivery system.

Without the amazing employees at Crown Health, success would be hard to achieve and Crown Health would not be where it is today. Our Crown Health family bolsters compassion that is second to none. Come join our family and see the difference!