General Inquiries:

Q. How long does the enrollment process take?

A. If all the information is complete on the enrollment form and the required documents are received (Power of Attorney papers, medication list and copies of insurance cards) then the process goes very quickly and can often be put in place in the same day. If those forms are not complete or there are missing documents it can take 1-2 weeks. We have an secure email version of the enrollment form that can be completed and returned once it’s signed. The online process enables us to complete enrollment right away.

Q. Does Crown Health function as an Urgent Care Service?

A. At this time we do not provide an Urgent Care Service.   We intend to develop an Urgent Care Service in the very near future to meet patient needs and avoid unwanted trips to the Urgent Care.  Stay tuned, Coming soon!

Q. Can a patient keep their current Primary Care Provider while seeing the provider at Crown Health?

A. We urge against this for patients using the ongoing primary care service. In the future, as we design and implement Urgent Care Services we will gladly coordinate care with the patient’s primary care provider to coordinate our urgent care visit with their ongoing care.

Q. How often are patients seen by the Primary Care Provider?

On average patients are put on a rotation where they are seen once every 5-7 weeks. Our providers leave open scheduled time to see their patients for urgent needs.

Q. How does the service work?

Crown Health brings the doctor’s office to your home. Crown Health providers diagnose, treat, give referrals for specialists and prescribe medications in the privacy of a patient’s care home. Our providers have access to mobile lab and imaging services to enhance the convenience and quality of at home care. Upon the request of the provider, the lab service will come out to the patient’s care home and draw blood, or the imaging service will come out and do xrays/ultrasounds in the home.

Q. Does Crown Health accept all health insurance?

Crown Health accepts all major health insurance plans. The one we do not accept at this time is: Group Health. We can accept Tricare if Medicare is the primary first payer and Tricare is the secondary payer. This is continually changing, please continue to check back as we pursue credentialing with more health insurance plans. If you are unsure whether we accept your insurance, don’t hesitate to contact our office to find out: (888) 674-5871 ext. 250.

Q. Does Crown Health coordinate care with Home Healthcare Agencies and Hospice?

Yes. We work closely with the Registered Nurses and other ancillary staff from all the local Home Healthcare Agencies and Hospice to help provide a well-rounded continuum of care for the patients we see. However, if a patient is currently on Hospice, we feel it’s best for them to continue being followed by their previous primary care provider to afford better continuity of care. We will order Hospice for our current patients as needed and will work with hospice once they are admitted to the service.

If you have more questions, please call us toll-free at (888) 674-5871, or send us a message using the form on the Contact page. Someone will get back you as soon as possible.