Dear Crown Health communities,

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we revisit our policies and procedures to be able to respond to the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) social distancing measures. Our priority continues to be the safety of your communities as well as our providers and staff. At this time, providers will not be completing in-person visits at your communities; instead, they will be conducting their visits via telehealth appointments. The telehealth visits should be able to accomplish many of the same objectives as an in-person exam with some slight variations.

Communities who had scheduled appointments on the week of 3/16 will be receiving additional instructions via phone and fax.

Telehealth visits will be conducted during normal business hours (8:00AM – 5:00PM) across WA state. Instructions to schedule and complete an appointment are as follows:

      1. Identify a point of contact (tele-presenter) in your community who has access to a smart phone with video capability.
      2. For Urgent Care, Call 888-674-5871 Ext 500. Have the point of contact’s information, patient information & patient’s chief complaint prepared before the call.
      3. For Urgent Care, Crown Health staff will set up an appointment time and provide instructions to connect
      4. For routine-scheduled visits with the patient’s Primary Care Provider (PCP), we will maintain the normal in-person visit schedule – the telehealth appointment will begin at the same time that your provider would have arrived at your community for their routine visit.
      5. Prior to the appointment, take patient vitals as you normally would for an in-person visit.
      6. Sign in to your provider’s virtual waiting room ( a few minutes prior to the start of the appointment
      7. The provider will call the point of contact (tele-presenter) a few minutes prior to the scheduled appointment as a reminder

For after-hours, a telehealth request can also be placed via fax (206) 694-2291; an appointment will be scheduled for the following day.

For technical support, call 888-674-5871 Ext 102.

Thank you,
The Crown Health team