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Telehealth now available

In order to provide continuity of care for your residents during COVID-19, our health care team is following the health guidelines recommended by the CDC and conducting our visits via online doctor appointments. Appointments will take the place of normally scheduled visits and will be confirmed via fax. 

To request an urgent telemedicine visit for a current or new Crown Health patient, call us at (888) 674 5871.

Communities and patients with a confirmed appointment: Visit crownhealthus.doxy.me

Virtual Waiting Room

Return to in-person appointments

As of June 2020, we are beginning to return to in-person visits at some communities. Please speak with your provider or contact us to request in person service. Providers will also be placed on a recurring testing program to ensure safe interactions with patients and caregivers. Our goal is to see patients in a safe manner with the appropriate protective equipment and testing resources in place.