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Crown Health will provide safe, compassionate, reliable, primary care to patients in the comfort of their home. 

Why Crown Health?

Crown Health’s approach to health care tackles three critical aspects of senior care: the rising cost of care, the availability of care, and the increased need for care as seniors age. Providing regular mobile care reduces the need for urgent care, ER visits, and on-site emergency medical attention, as well as the disruption those may cause for patients, their families and caregivers. Mobile care has proven to reduce overall costs, ER visits, and hospital readmissions. Our mobile medical services, including labs and X-rays, helps better manage chronic conditions, placing less stress on caregivers.

Equally important is the care and compassion we bring to our patients. With regular checkups, medication management, and pain and wound management, we help patients manage any illness or discomfort they may experience. 

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About Us

Crown Health—a mobile medical service—was founded in 2013 to serve a gap in care for homebound seniors. The Crown Health model replaces disjointed, inefficient care for seniors across the Pacific Northwest. 

Today, the Crown Health team is 75 dedicated employees strong, with nearly 30 practitioners seeing patients across the state of Washington. Crown Health is now the largest service of its kind in the state. We continue to strive towards ensuring compassionate care for our patients.

Bastion Health

Crown Health is the registered name of Bastion Health, P.C. and Bastion Health Operations, LLC. The Bastion Health companies were established in 2020 to help expand the availability of mobile primary care in the Pacific Northwest.