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Precepting Program

To be considered for the program, please submit your resume at our Careers Page

Specialty: Primary Care Geriatrics
Preceptor Credentials: NP or PA
Rotation Setting: Long Term Care
Average patients per day: 12-25

The Crown Health mission was born from the desire to meet the primary care needs of elderly patients in the places where they reside. Our unique approach to mobile care allows our team to serve those with limited mobility and complex care needs while having the autonomy and flexibility rarely found for similar roles in clinic settings. Collectively, our team at Crown Health has served over 15,000 patients in the local community since 2013.

Rotation Summary:

This is a primary care rotation, we see adult patients who are homebound and unable to go to a clinic. Clinical rotation will be in long term care communities including assisted living, memory care units, adult family homes and private residence. Patients are seen on a 4-6 week rotation schedule, providing you the opportunity to become familiar with and follow up on their care. We diagnose, treat, give referrals, prescribe medications, and more for these patients. Students will have hands-on experience seeing one patient at a time.

Through this program, you will be able to develop some of the following skills under the supervision of our staff including, but not limited to:

  • Assess and diagnose common health conditions (HTN, DM, Pain, Wounds, Mental Illness)
  • Design and carry out treatment plans for acute and chronic illnesses
  • Provide primary health care
  • Order and interpret lab and other diagnostic tests

Rotation Highlights

  • High patient volume
  • Experienced preceptor
  • Consecutive days available for traveling students

A Note From The Preceptor

Crown Health accepts precepting candidates with prior rotational experience; candidates with 2+ years of nursing experience preferred.

Guidelines to be successful in the CH program:

  • Be prepared and on time.
  • Be ready to work and ask questions.
  • Stay flexible and adapt to change.
  • Take notes to refer back to during your own patient visits.